The Fuel That Drives the Money Machine

By Mike McMillan

We -me and you- have aligned ourselves with the stars. Essentially you and I have the same outlook when it comes to investing. We want to earn our money doing what we do for a living. We want to take a portion of that money and put it into something solidly backed, that quietly builds and grows into a reliable “ace in the hole”. Maybe even “a little secret that nobody knows” as George Strait tells us.

 And stars, athletes and celebrities from their fields are doing the exact same thing. They earn a living by doing whatever it is they do, and the smarter ones take a portion of those earnings and park it in real estate. 

Ellen Degeneres is one of the most popular stars to be known for for her Real Estate chops. But did Ellen put her time and energy into learning how to structure offers and deal with tenants and toilets? Nope. Ellen built her image and business doing what she does so well,  and partnered with an investor that does what they do well. Quite the house flipper too I must say.

Roger Staubach, Brad Pitt and Emmitt Smith took very active roles in their Real Estate ventures, but did you know that Patrick Dempsey and Jennifer Aniston partnered up.Bob Hope was legendary for buying up prime pieces of California, but he didn’t find his own deals either.

These stars do what they do well. They make money which becomes the fuel they need to invest in properties. They then partner with someone who knows how to find there machine, set it up and run it while they continue to entertain millions. They continue to make ends meet with day to day money, while their machine amasses their fortune, ever growing 24/7, and always stable.

Did you go back and read the part about making ends meet? I couldn’t resist because nobody can really picture a star balancing their check book at the end of each month.

My point here is that I do this as well. I don’t make my money in real estate, but I do build it there. Quietly, safely, securely…24/7. Not to say that I haven’t made some good returns by doing a few renos and flips, but the fuel I’ve used to drive my real estate machine comes from what I do. I was going to say what I do well but that might not be what the gang at work thinks. The real estate gurus who preach nothing down deals are selling pie in the sky possibilities. If you calculate your returns after a deal is done it may end up being zero money down on the books, but in my experience you need money to get the ball rolling, and a job doesn’t hurt either.

 So unless I miss my guess, you are pretty good at what you do and have accumulated some fuel. Now, go find your machine.

About Mike McMillan:

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