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February, 2019
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February Meaning and Symbolism

February meaning might best be kicked off with a quick look at the etymology of the month’s moniker. The word February is born from the Latin word Februarius, from Latin februare meaning to “purify” or “expiate.”

In ancient Rome, Februarius was the “Month of Purification” and great festivities were held to reestablish the empire’s focus on righteous living.

To me, this idea of devoting a month to the process of purification is invigorating. The hustle-bustle of the holidays are left behind – February finally sees many of us getting our first breath of fresh air. And, by this time of year the pressure of New Year’s resolutions is either incorporated itself into healthy habits or dropped by the wayside (depending upon if we’ve kept our resolution vows or not :).

February is a transitional month, and so February meaning and symbolism will have a transitional feel too. There is change in the air this time of year, and we can see this manifested in certain festivals & holidays in this month.

Where I live, up in the cold regions of North America, the Earth begins to kick just a bit. Everything is still clutched in snow and ice, but February marks the forward momentum of the seasonal procession, and offers a reminder that Spring is not far.

To give you a feel for symbolic February meaning, I’m offering a few symbolic lists for your contemplation.


Qoute of the Month

- Grant Cardone


A Laugh or Two For Good Measure!

Watch the Wash, Dad...

I decided to make myself useful and do a load of the family laundry.

When I took the clothes out of the machine, I discovered

to my dismay that I had also washed the watch my wife had given me while we were dating.

“Don’t expect me to replace it,” she said later with an obvious lack of sympathy.

By the time Father’s Day rolled around, however, she had relented and gave me

a beautiful new watch. Attached was a note with this stipulation: “DRY CLEAN ONLY!”




(Mom say what?!)

Daughter: I got an A in Chemistry.

Mom: WTF!

Daughter: Mom, what do you think WTF means?

Mom: Well That’s Fantastic.


Hush, Little Actuary

An accountant is having a hard time sleeping and goes

to see his doctor.

“Doctor, I just can’t get to sleep at night,” he says.

“Have you tried counting sheep?” asks the doctor.

“That’s the problem. I make a mistake and then spend three hours trying to find it.”


Helpful Life Hacks & Cartoon 
of The Month



          One of the reasons I like real estate as an investment (as opposed to mutual funds, stocks, bonds, GIC’s, etc.) is because we can take advantage of LEVERAGE.  Let me give you an example.  Let’s say you wanted to buy $500,000 worth of gold.  How much would that cost you?  If you said $500K, you’re absolutely right! 

   Now let’s say we want to buy a $500,000 duplex – how much will that cost us?  $500K?   Nope. 
   We can buy that property with just a 20% downpayment ($100K) and the bank will finance the other 80% ($400K).  We use a little bit of money in order to own a LOT of real estate. 

   Now here’s where it gets really exciting… Let’s say the property increases in value by 4%.  That would be a $20,000 increase in value.   $20K on a $500K investment is pretty good… However, because we LEVERAGED our money, we are actually making a $20,000 return on our $100,000 downpayment.  That’s a 20% return on our cash invested! 

   That’s the POWER of LEVERAGE, and that’s one of the BIG benefits of investing in real estate vs. most other options out there.


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