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June, 2019
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Happy Canada Day!

On July 1, 1867, the British North Americas Act created the Dominion of Canada as a federation of four provinces. This event is known as the confederation of Canada. The four original provinces were created from the former British colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Province of Canada, which was divided into the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. Canada's boundaries have been extended since 1867. The country now consists of 10 provinces and three territories.

On June 20, 1868, the Canada's Governor General proclaimed that Canadians should celebrate the anniversary of the confederation. July 1 became a holiday, known as Dominion Day, in 1879. However, no official celebrations were held until the 50th anniversary in 1917 and the 60th anniversary in 1927. After World War II, Dominion Day was celebrated more frequently and more events were organized by the national government. After the centenary of the confederation in 1967, Dominion Day events became more widespread. July 1 became popularly known as Canada Day. The date was also officially known as Canada Day from 1983 onwards.

Since 2006 Canada Day celebrations were also held at London's Trafalgar Square in the United Kingdom. It is expected that these celebrations will be held annually. Depending on the availability of Trafalgar Square, these events may be held just before, on or just after July 1.

Bruce McPhail.


Quote of the Month


A Laugh or Two For Good Measure!

Incumbent Imbecile
Recently I heard the former mayor of Reading, Pennsylvania,
recount some funny stories about his time in office.
One happened while he was running for reelection;
he was in a bar and paid for a woman’s drink.
She thanked him but wondered why a stranger had 
bought her a beer.
“I’m running for mayor,” he told her, “and I want your vote.”
“You got it,” she said, grabbing her glass.
“Anyone’s better than the jerk who’s in there now.”
Ahoy, Dracula!
Q: How do vampires get around on Halloween?
A: On blood vessels
Like Flower, Like Bud
As I entered the elevator at our hospital, a disheveled-looking man
rushed in behind me carrying a ceramic blue baby bootie filled with carnations.
I smiled knowingly and asked, “Does he look like you?
“I hope not,” he said. “I just deliver flowers.”


Helpful Life Hacks & Cartoon
of The Month


Why Invest In Real Estate?

          If you are like most people, the idea of riding the stock market ‘roller coaster’ makes you feel a little queasy.  The highs can be a lot of fun, but the lows really give you a kickin’ (and there seem to be a lot more lows than highs for most investors).

         While real estate also follows a cycle, it tends to be a much more gradual one.  Investing in revenue properties offers us limited immunity from fluctuation

         This means that you don’t tend to see the massive ups and downs of the stock and commodity markets.  It’s a much gentler ride, and tends to provide very solid returns on investment over the long run.  This is another reason I prefer real estate investing over other kinds of investments.

About Mike McMillan:

Michael McMillan is a professional real estate entrepreneur, author, and consultant. Mikehas been investing since 2013, and his current focus is on multi-family properties, especially apartment buildings.
If you would like to find out more about how to get an above average return on your money, backed by a solid asset (real property) , and without the hassle of being a landlord- contact Mike for a no-obligation conversation.
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