Mike McMillan: 2018 March EZINE


March 2018

News From Mike McMillan 

Hello there, greetings from the melty not-too-far north BC. The ever-present “they” say that in addition to having more snow than in recent years, now the fast melt we’re experiencing is going to cause floods. It’s always something and we are a hardy breed up here, but the risk of floods could make venturing out of town this month a little more of a challenge.

Karen and I took in our fourth performance by our favourite performer, Johnny Reid. This soulful sensation always delivers and always, always involves the whole audience in his numbers. We met him backstage again and of course, Karen got a kiss from the Scottish charmer. I asked him about some odd lyrics to one of his songs -Given up On Me- and he shared a quick story with us about how the verse of the song came about.
Down on the 
corner, there’s a flashing neon sign, makes me think that I’m not all that I can be. As I fight back tears of rage I take my place upon this stage, nothing left but this ol’ shadow and me.
It was written during a dark time early in his career and he’d just been told by a producer that he had seen a lot of talent and that Johnny didn’t have it.  He may as well pack it in as he was never going to amount to anything. It’s a hell of a thing to shake the confidence of young talented man, and many may have called it a day for their dreams right then and there. But Johnny dusted himself off and if you fast forward about seven years and his first couple Juno Awards later, he met the man again. He was all smiles, hugs and handshakes and didn’t even remember meeting him seven years earlier. Johnny reminded him  about the encounter and still got no glimmer of recollection from him.

Even though the guy’s words had eaten at him and angered him and moved him to writing it into a song, the producer never ever thought about his own words again.

Don’t ever let somebody else’s words or actions, no matter who that person is, hold you back from being all that you want to be.

Early next month we are off on a road trip to Edmonton to see Rod Stewart. If you are living somewhere on that route, hopefully, we get a chance to grab a coffee or beer and swap some lies.

This pic of Karen, Johnny Reid and myself was backstage 2016

All the best,

M.L. McMillan  

Quote of the Month 
 “A funny thing happens in real estate.  When it comes back,
it comes back up like gangbusters.” 
- Barbara Corcoran
A Laugh or Two For Good Measure!
Little Johnny asks his father: 
"Where does the wind come from?"
"I don't know."

"Why do dogs bark?"
"I don't know."
"Why is the earth round?"
"I don't know."
"Does it disturb you that I ask so much?"
"No son. Please ask. Otherwise you will never learn anything."
Quote: “Laughing is good for you and I laugh hard.
Especially when nobody else thinks there’s anything to laugh at. 

It usually pisses them off, which makes me laugh even harder and feel even better!” 
Helpful Life Hacks & Cartoon of The Month

Buy on sale

   If you went in to your stock broker and said “Hey, I’d like to buy $100,000 worth of Apple Stock, but only if they’ll give me a 10% discount” – what do you think would happen?  After your broker stopped laughing, he or she would explain that it doesn’t work that way.  What the stock is trading for is what you’re going to have to pay.  Take it or leave it.

   Real estate on the other hand is much more flexible.  It is quite common to be able to get a $10K, $20K or even $50K or more DISCOUNT off the asking price of a property.  All that’s required is a bit of knowledge, some negotiation skills, and simply ASKING for it!

   Getting a bargain on what I buy is another reason I love real estate over almost any other kind of investment out there.

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